Over another Shot

Taking time to enjoy a good shot of espresso is one of those simple things in life which can be so delightfully charming. It's fragance and subtleties in taste, along with the musings one engage in, with the appreciation of the moment.

I love visuals. And I find myself very fortunate to be able to spend a part of my life's energy in creating them. Whether it is the authentic emotions unfolding in weddings or the conceptual needs of commercial work, the very act of making visuals makes me feel alive. There is just so much beauty in life and I find great joy in admiring its nuances.

Those who know me personally are also well aware with my love of technology. Not just in the gadgets that liberate our creative vision, but also in its play in our culture, in how it absorbs us as we evolve with it.

I eat, live and play at my home office at Seng Kang with my lovely wife Chewy and daughter Yi Xi.